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What is an integrated program?

An integrated program connects different areas of study by cutting across subject-matter lines and emphasizing unifying concepts.
For example, lots of mathematical concepts are interrelated with science. So, students need to learn about these interrelations at an early stage.
An integrated program will fulfill the above requirement and empower students with sufficient knowledge to excel in Competitive Exams as well as in School Exams

How the Integrated program will benefit students and teachers?

A student under an integrated curriculum will show high signs of intelligence than non-integrated students.
Integrated students can relate more to content and connect them to real-world connections.
They will actively be engaged in the class.
Faculties will start giving practice in the analytical, logical, and challenging types of questions than blindly following the CBSE curriculum alone.
Every class student will learn something unique and carry out new information which will help in the future

What are the other benefits of the integrated program?

We strongly believe that the ability to crack competitive exams is a skill that can be learned with the right amount of effort and good guidance. This student journey is impacted by customized guidance, a structured curriculum, and high competitiveness among peers.
In the present scenario, even the high achievers in school cannot get into good institutions, as they cannot qualify for National and international level Entrance exams. This happens because lots of time is wasted in juggling between school and coaching institutes and no time for self-study.

Why a student should take Integrated in the lower class?

Students have ample time to learn beyond books and enrich and explore the knowledge required for higher classes.
Learning cannot be done in a short time. It’s a slow process. If logical and analytical skills improved at a younger age, problem-solving skills will increase efficiency as they progress into higher classes
Improves confidence level to score well and participate in all competitive exams
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